Mar 162010

The next best thing to being naked is to be in Saree.

I don’t believe in cross dressing, but this lovely garment called Saree always brings me quivers down my spine and its surrounding areas. I get so fascinated to this wonderful clothing style am sure so would you. For me a lady in Saree is more sensuous than a babe in bikini. Its always a feast to eyes and all the other rhyming words if you can think of. But one thing never makes me understand or may be I understood it beyond I am supposed to is, why is that almost all the women who wears a Saree has their hands put in a very thought provoking and provocative way…? Esp when a picture is about to be taken immediately their hands goes as if some magnet is put there. Being a guy I can understand about magnets and magnetic flux but this reflex action of women I can never understand as why.

A picture is worth 1000 words.  Check it up here :

No Entry Pic 1:

Even our so called celebrities too :

No Entry pic 2 :

The general public

No Entry Pic 3 :

So what is this No Entry pose as if show is over, gates are closed, come back tomorrow kinds..? :-O

I am sure you would have seen in any of your cousin’s, friend’s, uncle’s, auntie’s, your GFs, your ex-GF’s, your wife’s marriages when it comes to the photo shoot time, you see this No Entry pose all the times.  My Dear Ladies..I understand that its tough to carry oneself with a Saree but even when standing also you seduce we poor men like this, irrespective of your age and blame it back on us. 🙁 🙁 But we would love to get the blame and still enjoy GOD’s best creation, its all YOU beautiFULL ladies out there…! Thanks for accepting our mistakes and still love us unconditionally.

So my dear readers , I want you all have an eye to these No Entry poses from now onwards and let me know what you feel in the comment section.

Celebrating Women’s day – Everyday….love you All…!!

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