Sep 172010

Recently I had a dream. I was dead and I was at St. Peters gates. The entrance where you will be sent to Hell or Heaven depending on how much and what kind of FUN you had in your life. The whole place is as white as possible. All kinds of angels in transparent dresses, along with their playboy bunny clips. Nice seducing music as if they are playing “Principles of Lust” song of Enigma repeatedly since ages. The angels are in the best of their powder puffed pink skin, clad in as skimpy dresses as possible and I feel they all should be suffering from lower back problems for their endowment. GODs must be crazy I say. Seeing them I realized why we call someone whoz gorgeous as an ANGEL. Near the Pearly gates I saw people are being interviewed and anyone who has small chances of getting into Heaven are filtered by the answers they give at that entrance gate. I was excited, for my final luck and waited for my turn.

Suddenly one chubby angel appeared from no where with a pen and a paper. She said, “Hey YOU…isn’t your name VIZARD”..? I nodded as YES. Being a chivalrous guy I asked her, “Who are you mam”? She showed the small name tag which was placed over her décolleté with word “PRESS” inscribed on. I was like WOW..(reminded me of Pronothi Mukherjee..guys hope you remember her from my previous post )these angels sure knows how to treat their customers. Alas my thought was killed when she said she is angels’ journalist and a “PRESS” reporter. She takes interviews with people in random, for her internship thesis it seems. She got my history from her LAPTOP and the rapid fire Qs went on like this.

Angel(A) : Answer my Qs straight and even if you want to lie you cant and we let you speak only the truth and nothing but the truth.
Vizard(V) : Yes, beautifull.  ( OOps..And I bit my tongue for my reflex answer.)

A : (Confused with my answer) Okay select one topic from these four options.
1) Quantum Physics 2) Financial management 3) Para-psychology 4) Women

A : Why did you select this topic?
V : I like always love complex things. Its the only complex topic of all these four. 🙂

A : Do you like them?
V : Like is a substantial word. I just  love them so much. I am a feminist. In fact if I am a woman I would be a lesbian.

A : Hmm…Any reason for this obsession?
V : Its not an obsession its the NAKED fact.

A : Can you tell us that Fact, keeping the Naked part aside.
V : They are the indirect rulers of this hole world. And I like Power to take into my hands.

A : Ohkay…So which half of women do you prefer to have for your self.
V : The front half.

A : Shed some light on the difference between a Gurl and a Woman.
V : Gurl has all things less in size comparative to a woman. I am talking in terms of brains and maturity factor. This is the main diff.

A : What is that you look in a women?
V : Beauty and BRAins.

A : Ever danced with a women?
V : Yes, horizontally.

A : Tell some more most sexiest words you ever heard apart from Women
V : Lady, Girl, Female..etc etc.

A : What is the best way to read a women?
V : Through Braille language. Touch and Try.

A : I keep hearing this quote that says, “All MEN are DOGS”. Why so?
V : Coz they are honest, they love LICKING…and its a STYLE.

A : Which temple you loved the best in your life?
V : Khajuraho temple.

A : Just tell me in two words your opinion about sex.
V : Yes, please. 😉

A : Whats your favorite color code for dress for a woman?
V : Transparent.

A : To which number do you associate the word WOMEN and why?
V : Number 8. That is the shape of a woman and that is how a woman should be. Thin at the waist and..

( Angel blushing and interrupting…) OOOOOOOk I get it.

A : What kind of animals you like..and Why..?
V : Mammals..and Why means..

(Interrupting me again..huh…)

A : …Ok Ok….no need to explain I can understand…next Q, Have u ever lied?
V : YES, I didn’t.

A : Do you believe in GOOD LUCK?
V : Of course who wouldn’t…ohh by the way you said LUCK..oops..sorry I heard it as something else. Nope..I don’t believe in LUCK factor.

A : Then how are you expecting to get into Heaven?
V : Nope I am not expecting anything. Where ever I am its heaVen for me..if its not I can make one for my own.

A : Appreciating your boldness and your chivalry. Best place is that you be back to Earth and help and make all those women live their life happily ever after.
V : Appreciating your EVERYTHING, thank u mam and hope to mate you soon..err..I mean meet me if you please..soon some day some way.
A : Will be looking for..take your own time. BLESS YOU Mister.

With this I woke up from my dream and felt myself as if I got Enlightened in BED…awww..!! Believe me readers if we take statistics, I feel BED is the only place where almost each one of us would have had our share of enlightenment and happiness. The place that transforms us, makes us grow think and be matured. Now write about your enlightenment just in case if you had one in your BED..and share your thoughts in the comment section.

I just love my BED thats where I do the BEST of my works…!!

By the way read the comments and my replies. And if you have given your comment come back and check for my reply. This will double amuse you.

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May 222010

Before I say anything, I want to THANK all those lovely GALS, for your candid appreciations you people gave to me regarding my “No Entry” post. Nice to know that, you all changed your way of posing for camera and have a better decorum. I want you all to be as beautiFULL as possible. Stay young, Stay  fit, Stay naughty.

Back to business. ONE-SIN-a-while we come across things which goes far more embarrassing than we can ever imagine. Especially at our work places. So here I am going to narrate few of my classified experiences or ideas I have undergone while working in and around the office space.

There is this special period of time where we have lot of releases in project and managers come and speak the same stuff for each and every celebration. At this time we got a mail saying as “Sweets at my DESK” from one of our colleague for he is blessed with a baby boy. We all went to CONGRATULATE him and along the group came our Senior manager. He said “Good job Dev, keep up the momentum and the pendulum swinging, I am proud of you and company needs people like you”. We were all startled hearing these lines. There was a drop of silence in that cubicle. On top still not realizing the reason for the sweets he said, you should share your experience and do the knowledge transfer on this to all our team members. I was more than happy to attend that session in case it happens, but our immediate project manager whispered to that BigBoss saying, “This Dev is not that Dev, who won the customer appreciation award for his work”….beeeeeeeep went the alarm in everyone’s mind. 😛

Similar incident regarding child birth happened in one past project of mine. Hope I won’t get fired for writing this. This Manager is one workcoholic and almost he stays in office for 13-14 hrs excluding the travel time. Once he has sent a mail to the entire team saying that, “He is blessed with a baby boy, sharing this happy news with you all”. Now everyone is totally surprised as how can this happen..! And everyone was eager to see the baby, just for the reason by any remotest chance looks like that manager who is supposed to be its father as per the mail at least. But alas the baby looked more like its mother. Ask me no Questions I tell no lies. The doubt is still persisting.

This crazy incident happened recently. I cleared some certification and sent this mail “Sweets at my desk”. One girl who recently got married came for the sweets and the conversation went like this:
She : Congratulations.
Me  : Thank you. Have some sweets.
[She took the sweets and was searching for something else]
She : No namkeen*?? Oh no, I like SALTY stuff only. No sweets.
Me  : Oh yeah, you are MARRIED now, I can understand.
[For readers : Namkeen is hot n salty kind of Indian snacks]

I said this line in a way, as she is married and want to watch her weight, so no sweets.
But she took my line in a different way and BLUSHED, the reason which I don’t want to discuss here. She was happy anyway. So am I.

This incident I always keep sharing at any of my social gatherings. There was this project where to compile the code we need to make a folder with a name as “permanent” folder. So the name of the folder can vary as perm1, perm2 depending as per the compilation version. Some people use the first letter of their names for identification. For example I used to make it as Vperm1, Vperm2 etc. Once my onsite manager wanted to check some common permanent folder section and he opened the database. The whole database was consisting of folders named as Sperm1, Sperm2, Sperm3 as if we hacked into some Sperm bank. Nearly 25 people across different geographies were in that live net meeting and this folder was opened through the projector and the whole screen was full of Sperms with numbers assigned to them. Oops missed to tell you all, that folder belongs to one of our colleague whose name is Sagar and he used S as an identifier for his folders. It was an embarrassing situation to all the women and men who were attending that live meeting but my manager cracked a joke saying – Yeah now I can understand why we are 2nd largest in the population. Rest is history.

There were those times where we used to have a graffiti board before we enter our floor. Wherever there was any movie screening in our campus we used to write the movie name under the section FLICK OF THE WEEK. Once the situation happened such a way that, it went beyond explanation and embarrassed the whole tower. A print out with big fonts saying “FLICK OF THE WEEK – CLINT EASTWOOD”, was pasted on the footer end of the board due to lack of space anywhere else. Someone has dragged a chair to that board and the beading of the chair covered the last part of the script making it look as the below pic. That made the letters LI together started  looking like the letter U.

Now imagine how much crowd would have got gathered for that movie. Hope supersedes anything else. Add your comments and share your office/work related experiences with all our fellow readers.

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Mar 052010

Hey all you naughty people out there. Regrets..! Been little out of this site. The reason is that my hands and fingers were busy doing lot other things these days. Hope you can understand. Anyway here I am with another series of my experiences and thoughts to share with you all. If you are a girl let me rib tickle you and if you are anything apart from a female please help yourself.

Past couple of years I have become Don Juan. Roaming around the bust area of this planet called Earth. Areas around Tropic of Cancer I mean. Wish to go down South soon. Crossed fingers and open legs lets see. Aaachoooo….press me. Oops Bless Me. In these roamings, I had some interesting in-flight experiences regarding which am going to share one of my classified acts.

Place :  Inside UAE flight. Flying from JFK  –> DUBAI.
If there is anything nearly as beautiful as a Middle Eastern lady, its nothing but another Middle Eastern lady. Having a hard corner for these Middle Eastern women I got my ticket booked exclusively in UAE flight. 30 minutes after the flight took off I also felt like to take off my pants and sit naked. Just for the reason to show everyone that I am happy and excited to travel UAE airlines. When I was dreaming like this, one creamish air-hostess who would be the best pick for Milkmaid ad campaign for all obvious reasons, came near me. She bent over and about to ask me something. Before she said anything I said “Yes, take me in”. She looked puzzled and started taking me by her hands and said follow me. I wantedly stumbled and fell on her flat and the pose was enough to make all my male co-passengers go green, not coz the position was quiet nature oriented, but with you know… out of sheer jealousy. Perfect Kodak moment on the aisle. We both together looked like Black forest pastry. Brown on top of White cream. We got up and she has hurt her finger while falling down. I remembered when I was a kid what we used to do when anyone’s finger gets hurt. Just take it in your mouth and suck it. I immediately did the same. The air-hostess turned pink and gave a slight moan. My excitation reached peak. Then she said, Baby… get off my foot its paining. I realized the moan is coz of my stamp not of my suck. Oops… what the Duck. She had me close to her and made me sit in the front row so that I would be in her visual contact.

Don’t know why she showed extra attention on me… but I started enjoying the special attention. She asked me what do I want…Coffee or Tea. I asked for Milk. She fed me with a different container regarding which I don’t want to talk about it here. She started speaking as if she is speaking with some parrot or a pet dog. I started replying in the same tempo to keep the flow. She kept hugging me frequently. Every time she hugged me I felt am turning into a stone man. In this care taking of me, she said that the flight is hers. So I asked her if I see her cock-pit. She blushed and said nope. I understood why she said nope probably of security reasons, but I still didn’t get why she blushed. Hours literally flew by and I became her most favorite in that 14 hour journey. We even played many role playing games like mummy-daddy game, doctor-nurse game in her cabin. She was giggling the whole of the role playing. May be she liked the games. She even gave me a massage. She so soft n nice, except that she made a remark saying, “You look too big to your age, I like it”. I was upset little bit, coz people say I look young to my age but she said the reverse of it. Never mind, I was happy for her private sessions so why bother.

Now flight landed in DUBAI, and everyone was walking to the entrance. My air-hostess friend asked me to stay seated till everyone evacuates the flight. She went near the door and with all that blush, started greeting each and every passenger, “Thanks for flying Emirates, hope you enjoyed flying Emirates”. At that time there was this Arab lady with one funny looking Orangutan kind of kid in her hands, fuming and shouting. The discussion went like this:

Arab lady: I want to complaint to the UAE authorities. ..@@*&^%)*^&()*^$%^&$^%$…
My Air-hostess friend: Why madam, what happened? How can I help you?
Arab lady: I belong to the Arab Emirates royalty. Took special permission and paid extra for my mentally challenged kid to be taken care and pampered. Did you get any intimation? I am going to sue UAE.
My Air-hostess friend: I am sorry madam, what is your seat number?
Arab lady: 86D

My Air-hostess friend turned towards me and asked for my seat number with a confused face.
I shouted back 36D.

That time only she and I realized that 8 and 3 look almost the same on a print text. She thought I am that retard kid. Didn’t expect that retards can have this much FUN in life. God Bless them.  Them I mean the Air-hostesses.

Don’t miss to read the comments and add your own too.

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Feb 102010

This topic goes way beyond time and space. To your fortune, some of those queries which Einstein couldn’t answer I will try to answer them here. Let me take you to that point which is called as the start of time. Nothing was there except God. Suddenly he said “Let there be LIGHT” and there was light. Still nothing was there, but you can see that clear. For God the week starts on Monday. Next 6 days he worked like an IT guy with crash crunch dead lines in making the World. He created Adam and he felt that ADAM is missing some things. His thought was correct. Then he created Eve and I can say, that is his best creation till now. After the 6th day he felt tired and took rest. So it was a holiday for him and we call that as SUNDAY.

Now these two, Adam and Eve roamed naked in the Eden garden. They were the first unregistered members of PETA. Coz they never ate Non-veg nor tasted any flesh. Being naked also didn’t help them much. When things are this worse, Serpent came. Now I will snap on your head if you ask why God created serpent. May be he likes reality shows or to increase his TRP ratings he would have created this Big Boss, called serpent. Serpent came with an Apple and lured Adam. People think that Serpent want to take revenge on God but I feel Serpent is a GAY. So he in his flashy dress gave this Apple to Adam. But Adam being a chivalrous guy like me shared that with Eve, anyway he don’t have  any other option.

Suddenly the revelations started to happen. It was like injecting Encyclopedia of Britannica with Google algorithm into each other. They started to realize the Ifs and BUTTS, the UPs and DOWNs and all those kinetic theories, laws of motion and nature. Under one Bodhi tree they did the inevitable,  made LOVE. That is what is called “The Big Bang theory”. This is the reality. Rest of the chemical and astro physical laws are all for head ache. If man would have realized this reality, world would have been still a better place. FYI: With this they lost their eternal membership from PETA for tasting flesh. But they didn’t care and even they were pro Global WARMing. At that time its needed anyway.

One more interesting fact is that, its the Adam who preceded Newton in discovering Gravitational pull. Needn’t to mention that Apple was the reason for both of them to discover this force of Magnetism. The only difference is, Newton’s was vertical, where as Adam’s was horizontal. We are least bothered about the direction, but lets concentrate on this powerful outcomes and its SINfluence. Newton said Earth is a big magnet. Adam realized Woman is the big magnet. I feel Adam is correct.

As I said Adam and Eve made love under a Bodhi tree, now you should co-relate its importance. Maybe thats the reason how Buddha got his enlightenment under the same tree. One more important thing to discuss is this Big Bang happened on the 18th day. That is the reason why the number 18 is a notation for Adult content. The red Octagon. It is even the cut off age for anyone to be called as an Adult. Even to vote in a democratic country like India, we need to cross this age 18. Now you know why it is called as Adult Franchise. That is why we all learn our alphabets beginning with A for Apple which directly or indirectly a reason to teach all our kids that, all you fellas are the results caused by this wonderful fruit. Even we hear this saying “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But not to forget its contemporary extension “If the doctor is cute, screw the fruit”. Yes I always give the credit to Eve.

Next time when you eat an Apple or you hear kids learning A for Apple, you know the reason as why and what is the underlying story and the credits this awesome fruit brings to us all.  Now give your comments below and have a nice Big Bang day.

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Jan 302010

STOP tricking your wicked brains reading the topic name. I am such a neat guy leading a decent life style. Please don’t drag me into your fixed thinking. I just love languages. Some I love, some I like. But nothing haunts me more than Hindi. I don’t know why, I always fall into a crazy situation when this language is concerned. This haunting had its unfair deal on me all through my stages of life in series of funny mishaps. Let me take you all into the Hindi side of my world and show you how:

Scene 1: My school days:
As I always have a hard corner for chubby girls, I used to make friends with all the Jains, Marwadis and Northie girls in my school times. Despite their friendship and sweets, I never picked up this language. When I wrote my 10th class public exams I was worried that that I will flunk in my Hindi and lose my face before them. But that same day night I had a dream, like I was offering prayers to some divine angel who looked like a Punjabi NRI, pink, tall and chubby. Being a guy who believes in dreams and especially in such kind of angels, I had my hope that I something good may happen. My dream came true and I got 69 in Hindi. Though it was the least of all the remaining subjects, am happy for the number. Somehow how I saved myself.

Scene 2: My moustache days:
These were the times we always wanted to seek attention. College means colors. And you all know how much I love and care for girls. In this mode, I invited 3 of my Northie girl friends, for lunch at home. I asked my mom to prepare some nice Biryani and went for shower. She was super excited and when my friends came in, she invited them all by calling “Randi..Randi” to them. All of them got pissed off. When I later joined, one of them said, “Why is your mother calling us as prostitutes. We are hurt”. I almost had shit in my pants and said, “WHAT…why would she call you like that”? Checking back on what exactly happened, the fact is that, this word “Randi” in Hindi is a slang word for “Prostitute”, where as it is a very warm courtesy way of inviting guests in my native language.

Scene 3: My college days:
Let me tell you how I narrowly escaped one major accident those times. That day I and my friend were going on a bike. The talk went on like this:

He : Hey, lets go to this new movie, seems to be very funny.
Me : Which one ?
He : Eye-She-Queue.
Me : What..? Which movie is that? When did Hollywood start making movies with such crazy names?
He : Arey, this is not an English movie this is a Hindi movie.
Me : Are you mad, I never heard anything of that.

Now at the next turn he showed me the wall poster of that movie. It was ISHQ. Ajay devagan, Kajol, Aamir and Juhi’s. I almost had a skid, missed the gutter pump, hit directly to the buffalo and fell. See I said right.

Scene 4: End of college days:
With this frustration to learn, I decided to hit on to Hindi movies. That time we dont get much Hindi releases at my home town. But to my luck the movie “TAAL” came. I was hearing to its songs. One of the songs that caught my attention was this line in the “EYE-SHE-QUEUE bina” song…oops i mean “ISHQ bina’ song. One line excerpt goes like “Neeche ISHQ hai, uper RUB hai”. I was totally shocked and was like..WTF…? What guts these Hindi people have. How can one write such obscene lines directly in a song and that was said as a super hit of those times. “Neeche” means DOWN. “ISHQ” means LOVE. “Uper” means “Top”. And what is this RUB ON TOP funda. My ignorance was cleared when I later learnt that it is RAB not RUB. RAB means GOD and not to take that sound as in literal English.

Scene 5: Job searching days:
When things were like this, I felt the necessity to learn this language no matter what. So I decided to map Hindi words to day to day meanings and master it. That week attended one interview and coming back to my room I saw this North Indian fast food center on the road side. Feeling hungry I dropped in. There was this lady who was in her mid thirties, impressible enough to attract customers. I went in and said. “I need a CHOLI bath. Make that two. One take away. Should be soft also”. Sad to tell that I was dragged out of that center for speaking nonsense to her. Further explanation made me realize that the dish is called “Chole” not “Choli” and Choli means blouse.

Scene 6: New Job
These bizarre experiences continued even when I first joined this MNC. On my first day I went there with my appointment letter. The receptionist was a fluffy Bengali sitting in the center of the lobby and shez in her skirts. I said, “Am the new joinee, fresher”. She said, “Welcome” and gave me some sheet and said, “You sit there on that sofa and I will call you”. After few mins she called me and said “Tum yahan aav, kuch lick na hain”. I couldn’t understand what she meant by the word LICK, and to my confuse she was having those applications on her lap. Added to this confuse she said “Lick ne ke baad bolo, mein taste karunga”. This is heights. She wants me to LICK and then she says she wants to TASTE. Perplexed, I decided to call my Bengali friend and asked him what she meant. He explained, LICK means “to write” and I guess she would have meant “TEST” not “TASTE” and he said its PAAETHETIK, but that how Bengalis accent is. I realized that he meant pathetic. Ufff, I felt sad to know the meanings and filled up the application.

The next week I encountered the same lady in the elevator and I complimented her saying “You have very good dress sense”. She blushed and said, “Thanks”. Then I said, “COFFEE”..? She said, “Nahin, ab tho mein nikal na hai, kal 6:30 balcony mein bath karenge”. At that time I couldn’t understand what she said but felt that she wants to take BATH with me in the balcony. Twist is she quit the company that next day so my bathing equipment I have brought for that day went wasted.

Scene 7: Current situation:
Now fast forwarding to the present scenario my life has become like a Hindi top chart buster. Ever changing and happening. Work hard party harder. So come on guys let me play my all time favorite track for you all and join me on the dance floor.

DJ saab…start music…Readyyyyyyyyyy threeeeeeeeee twoooooooo oneeeeeeeee lets go HIP HOP RAP…eeeeeee…Neeche ISHQ hai…uper RUB hai..aa RUB..ahaa RUB..dinchak dinchak RUB..aa neeche…oo neeche..bhalle bhalle neeche..bhalle bhalle RUB”….“in dononke BEACH mein sab hai….! everybody hands UP in the air..RUB it in the beach..on yeah..oh baby rub it beach ahaa ahaa..cross ya legs tap ya feet..rub rub rub rub rub rub itttttttt”…!!!!!

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Jan 202010

Prologue: After reading this post, your bike riding or your on road experience will never be the same again. I bet this post of mine will totally change the way you look at people and sure to bring lot of fun and naughtiness as well as ignite new ideas and make your journey less tiring and more entertaining. Requesting you all to visualize when you are reading this to get the best out of this post.

Being a single bachelor and an avid biker, I have inculcated this flair of entertaining myself in all the possible walks of my life. In this self-entertaining business, one thing which always fascinates me when I am riding a bike lies in observing the female pillion riders. Through these observations let me pick the top 7 entertaining pillion rider positions.
FYI: I used this term “Pillion rider” many a times, meaning the person who is seated on the back seat of the bike while riding.

1) The caterpillar girl: This is the most commonly found pillion rider who resembles a giant spring totally covered with flashy socks. The multiple spring like folds she has on her sides covered in a gaudy top always makes her look like a caterpillar on steroids from behind. May be these girls need this much in built suspension to sustain the bumpy Indian roads. Good for them. Next time you see a caterpillar girl please don’t spray pesticide on her. They are harmless.

2) Face off fellies: This category consists of busty females who sit to one side on the bike with crossed legs. This is quiet an acceptable position. But the spice is that they hold their top leg knee with both the hands embossing their bosom as if their want to seduce each and every on lookers. Phew. Having a major
soft corner for such females this is enough to get my adrenalin give me a kick and in this situation do we really care how her face is? No way. That’s why I call such females as Face off fellies. Long live these kinds.

3) Space bar girls: This is the saddest of all the categories. This funny seating happens when the girl sitting behind is not close to the diver or may be just a hi-bye friend or using the guy for her purpose. Coz of this, she sits as far as possible almost on back handle bar holding the farthest part of the bike may be the number plate if she could, making the driver feel he is suffering from some deadly contagious disease or may be they believe that touching a guy can cause pregnancy. There will be so much space in between them, where you can fit in one rolled Kurl-On mattress easily. Huhh…!!

4) Coin boxes: This section of riders are much prevalent in the colleges infested areas and sure a feast to eyes. These kinds of girls are ultra modern with care-free attitude. So are their dressings. They would generally be sporting a low waist jeans and sit in a piggy back position, in such a way that you can actually
see their butt cleavage. Being a pious guy it resembles me of a HUNDI and feel like putting a coin or two inside that at the next red signal and make a wish. Color color what color…shhh gup chup.

5) High Definition HD: Sorry guys I am revealing your secret here. And girls I want you to be aware of this thing guys tend to do. Guys when riding bikes at night times, whenever they encounter a nice lady pillion in front of them, involuntarily their bike head light switches to high beam revealing lot many things about that girl as if you are seeing in HD screen. If you are good at mathematics esp geometry, now you do the calculations, pattern recognitions and color codes. Girls beware and be-aware of such pranks. The good news is that times are changing. I noticed girls doing this to guys too. The balance is done. All is fair in love and bike riding.

6)SIN-derellas: This section of girls are generally termed as ‘The Babes’. They are so bold and attention seeking. They are usually found hugging their guys so tight, any more squeeze they would infact come from his front side. They are so crazy, given a chance they would definitely make sex on the bike itself. All you have to do is ride the bike and rest of the riding they would do. This is what I pray when I put the coin into that Coin box category girl’s, that every guy should get at least one SINderella in his life. He will learn and grow up in life. Everybody loves learning. Don’t we?

7)Tulsi Bhabhi : Do you remember this lead female by name TULSI in this never ending saga ” Kyun ki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” serial? She is the kind of a person every traditional Indian female wants to be like her and every Indian male wants to screw her just out of curiosity how she would be in bed. Ditto to this mind set this category consists of females looking like Tulsi Bhabhi riding the back seat, so innocent and so naive. She always has her hand placed on the front upper thigh of her guy slightly on the right side of his crotch. Any jerk or bump will make her press that part for extra grip. God damn..I wonder how can anyone ride a bike normal with a lady’s hand there. If my girl does that to me sure I will have a spare bike in my Bedroom.

So folks, apart from these 7 categories, the rest of the people are just void and there is nothing much one should consider regarding them. Rest is up to your imagination and am sure you would start seeing things from this enhanced eye and get your naughty bone tickled.

Above all whether it is a bike or anything else, you better Drive safe and always wear a HELMET.

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Jan 072010

The times goes way back into my kidhood days where my class teacher Rani was teaching us singular and plural. Teacher was asking us to tell her the plural forms of certain words from her notes. The sequence went like this:

Teacher : Charan tell me plural for lady?
Charan  : Plural for lady is Ladies teacher.
Teacher : Next. Pavan what is the plural for baby?
Pavan   : Babies teacher.
Teacher : Vijay now tell me what is the plural for party?
Vijay   : Parties teacher.
Teacher : Hey you Vineel, What is the plural for TEST?

And I have no idea what is the plural for TEST and as per the flow I immediately said TESTIS, in the same flow as how these guys sounded. I don’t know why she got so angry for my answer and she failed me giving an F in my progress report without telling the reason atleast. Being dumb at subjects but with an inquisitive mind I later came to know the meaning for that word in my intermediate when I first learnt how to read dictionary. After that I never stopped reading dictionary.

From that time onwards I was smitten and cursed by this letter F and was haunted by all of its words. To tell you few examples :

Recently I was at some party and I dropped my fork while eating a big lump of chapati and sabji. With food in my mouth I asked the serving waitress that I need a Fork. That perplexed waitress went and complained against me to the floor in-charge that I am using fowl language. I said FORK with mouthful of food. Whats wrong in that?

One more incident was way back in 2005 when I was in Stockholm before some extravaganza showroom. There was this big bill board with “FCUK” script being displayed. I thought it was a spelling mistake and asked the showroom manager why such a blunder. He showed his pity and educated me that it means “French Connection of United Kingdom” a notable designer brand. See this is what I am saying.

Another one goes with the recent pandemic that created havoc around he world. I was at the super market to buy some spices. Coz of the clustered aisle I sneezed. 4 people did two back flip somersault and landed away from me looking shit scared as if I forced them to a mouth to mouth respiration with me infected with Swine Flu. Come on..its just a normal Flu sneeze. Grrrrrr.

It was in Italy, standing before one monument where there are lots of short fountains shooting high up to the waist. All at floor level, no fence around and kids playing with water. While I was enjoying the scene, one kid bumped into me and pushed me unto the fountain. Instantly I wet my pants with that fountain water. As I turned around, one passer by lady said “the restroom is right over there and don’t teach stupid things to kids”. Though wetting myself over a Fountain might be my fantasy but not like this atleast. Oh come on..I hate F.

Because of all such chain of events all through I always kept myself away from all these F’actors. Like not watching my fav TV channel the FTV(okay except the midnight lingerie shows).. avoided Fountains..stopped using forks..stopped seeing 20th century FOX movies..and lot more.

When things are like this one of my friends invited me to his promotion party at this exotic lounge called “The F-bar”. I was thinking should I take chances or should I get used to this F’obia. I decided to go whatever. With some process running in my mind I was very careful all through enjoying the ambience and music. All of a sudden some gorgeous lady who is more heavy on the upper half of her body came to me and asked If I need a ^%$@&%$@…!! In that loud music and her western accent I couldn’t get what that something was and to my basic understand of English and its supported vocab I replied, “No no lady I don’t want any Frock. I don’t cross dress”. Immediately she called me a FOOL, showed me some F’inger and said FO. I still didn’t get what she meant by FO but all I know was she might be upset for not buying the Frock.

Thats how my life is as of now..and just yesterday night some Swami came in my dreams as said this will be broken on First night. I questioned him “Swami, recently Jan 1st got over and which month’s 1st night please tell me? That Swami screamed for my question and he also said FO and showed some finger. I think it is the finger he showed couldn’t make in that dream properly. Anyways me waiting for F’eb F’irst night. Pray for me.

Teacher : Charan tell me plural for lady?
Charan  : Plural for lady is Ladies teacher.
Teacher : Next. Pavan what is the plural for baby?
Pavan   : Babies teacher.
Teacher : Vijay now tell me what is the plural for party?
Vijay   : Parties teacher.
Teacher : Hey you Vineel, What is the plural for TEST?

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Jan 072010

There was some blood donation campaign in our office and all the people with higher blood levels went to donate their blood. Being a guy of the same kind I also went to donate my blood for the first time in my life. I have absolute no idea how the whole process goes.

That whole area was stinking with spirit smell but clean and hygienic. People are looking so upset as if they came there to donate their kidneys. Might be half from each kidney making it one together. I wonder whats there to feel upset about giving few ml of blood for the needy. I was asked to take my seat for my turn by some guy at the entrance. He looked thin n starved as a mosquito aptly suiting for his job as an in charge. Me smiling and looking at all the temporary posters hung and posted on the walls I spent some minutes awaiting my turn. One of the posters I observed was with the word DONATE on the top and below was Pamela Anderson in the center holding two placards at her elbow level with BL in one hand and D on the other hand. I couldn’t understand what it is all about. Anyway I was called and I went in.

There was this fair chubby intern in her white tight apron. I gave AM EXCITED TO SEE YOU kind of smile and sat. Quick glance of her, I noticed she has this name tag as “Pronathi Mukharjee” on the right side of her bust. I don’t know what is the left one called. I didn’t dare to ask her . But wondered doctors sure have name for everything. She asked me to show her my finger. I involuntarily showed my middle finger. She became pink and said not that finger. Realizing my mistake, sheepishly I gave her my ring finger thinking if she going to put a ring to me. She said Mr.Vineel show me your forefinger. My inability to understand singular and plural I showed her all my four fingers. She turned red and said in loud voice “point finger you idiot” but muzzled the last two words. Confused as what to point and with which finger, I put my fore finger as if I am pointing to her name tag. She now screamed “turn it over mister”. I thought its the chance for my dream come true and was about to extend my hand further to turn it over. Realizing my innuendo that Bengali doctor held my wrist like a taekwondo professional pressed it hard and turned it upside down. I heard a crack somewhere between my nerves there. Before I realized I saw her take my fore finger into her mouth like a cannibal and snip of a bit of my finger including half of my nail like a piranha. The truth is she has put that incisor needle with all that revenge into my finger resulting in a small red fountain on top of my finger. I said wowwww and asked her if she can take a snap of that with my cell so that I put it in orkut. She ignored it. She collected all that fountain in some funny shaped glass container. I asked “is that all am I done”. She said this is for sample test. After a lil while she said I have 15% of hemoglobin and its a good sign. I said tanks. Later she said “to go straight turn left you will be right”. Thinking about the poster I saw outside replacing Pam with Pronathi I went straight turned right and I was left..I mean left alone. Back trailed my path I found the area where everyone is donating blood.

Now another intern saw me from distance showed me the bed beside her and beckoned me to come near her. I was like :-O :-O is that real…? Went gleaming and said is it okay like in front of everybody we do this. She said how do you want to do it? Crossed legs I said you wish. She made me lie down and took a big long wire. I thought she is going to tie my hands to the cot and strip me naked. As soon as I lied down she has lift my sleeves. That was kinky. Before I realized whats happening I saw myself with that wire tied to my arm and a big syringe into my nerves a nice polythene bag collecting my blood and it is in fluorescent green. I shouted at the top of my voice and everyone came running. Almost broke I said is my blood in green color. All those lady interns laughed saying its the bag color not my blood color. When they were laughing I was smiling and giggling. Isn’t it nice to see so many female interns standing beside you and you seeing them from down. Thats why I say, Life is always wonderful. Just that you need to look at all the wonderful things God has made.

After some time they said its done and measured the blood content. It was 360 ml of my blood ready to be used. Feeling happy for the number I walked from that place thinking about the name tag of Pronothi and my unanswered questions still lingering in my mind.

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