Jan 072010

There was some blood donation campaign in our office and all the people with higher blood levels went to donate their blood. Being a guy of the same kind I also went to donate my blood for the first time in my life. I have absolute no idea how the whole process goes.

That whole area was stinking with spirit smell but clean and hygienic. People are looking so upset as if they came there to donate their kidneys. Might be half from each kidney making it one together. I wonder whats there to feel upset about giving few ml of blood for the needy. I was asked to take my seat for my turn by some guy at the entrance. He looked thin n starved as a mosquito aptly suiting for his job as an in charge. Me smiling and looking at all the temporary posters hung and posted on the walls I spent some minutes awaiting my turn. One of the posters I observed was with the word DONATE on the top and below was Pamela Anderson in the center holding two placards at her elbow level with BL in one hand and D on the other hand. I couldn’t understand what it is all about. Anyway I was called and I went in.

There was this fair chubby intern in her white tight apron. I gave AM EXCITED TO SEE YOU kind of smile and sat. Quick glance of her, I noticed she has this name tag as “Pronathi Mukharjee” on the right side of her bust. I don’t know what is the left one called. I didn’t dare to ask her . But wondered doctors sure have name for everything. She asked me to show her my finger. I involuntarily showed my middle finger. She became pink and said not that finger. Realizing my mistake, sheepishly I gave her my ring finger thinking if she going to put a ring to me. She said Mr.Vineel show me your forefinger. My inability to understand singular and plural I showed her all my four fingers. She turned red and said in loud voice “point finger you idiot” but muzzled the last two words. Confused as what to point and with which finger, I put my fore finger as if I am pointing to her name tag. She now screamed “turn it over mister”. I thought its the chance for my dream come true and was about to extend my hand further to turn it over. Realizing my innuendo that Bengali doctor held my wrist like a taekwondo professional pressed it hard and turned it upside down. I heard a crack somewhere between my nerves there. Before I realized I saw her take my fore finger into her mouth like a cannibal and snip of a bit of my finger including half of my nail like a piranha. The truth is she has put that incisor needle with all that revenge into my finger resulting in a small red fountain on top of my finger. I said wowwww and asked her if she can take a snap of that with my cell so that I put it in orkut. She ignored it. She collected all that fountain in some funny shaped glass container. I asked “is that all am I done”. She said this is for sample test. After a lil while she said I have 15% of hemoglobin and its a good sign. I said tanks. Later she said “to go straight turn left you will be right”. Thinking about the poster I saw outside replacing Pam with Pronathi I went straight turned right and I was left..I mean left alone. Back trailed my path I found the area where everyone is donating blood.

Now another intern saw me from distance showed me the bed beside her and beckoned me to come near her. I was like :-O :-O is that real…? Went gleaming and said is it okay like in front of everybody we do this. She said how do you want to do it? Crossed legs I said you wish. She made me lie down and took a big long wire. I thought she is going to tie my hands to the cot and strip me naked. As soon as I lied down she has lift my sleeves. That was kinky. Before I realized whats happening I saw myself with that wire tied to my arm and a big syringe into my nerves a nice polythene bag collecting my blood and it is in fluorescent green. I shouted at the top of my voice and everyone came running. Almost broke I said is my blood in green color. All those lady interns laughed saying its the bag color not my blood color. When they were laughing I was smiling and giggling. Isn’t it nice to see so many female interns standing beside you and you seeing them from down. Thats why I say, Life is always wonderful. Just that you need to look at all the wonderful things God has made.

After some time they said its done and measured the blood content. It was 360 ml of my blood ready to be used. Feeling happy for the number I walked from that place thinking about the name tag of Pronothi and my unanswered questions still lingering in my mind.

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