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The best thing GOD did in his life was to create a WOMAN. Just this reason is more than enough for me to pray GOD and adore his creation. Love you GOD. Tusi Great HO. Despite my enormous respect, love, craving and fascination for his creation, I always end up funny when it comes to talking with girls. Here are some tit-bits from my experiences.

After my gym I had a hot shower and just came directly out of it. As I was drying myself under the fan, gota call from one of my friend. She asked me where am I? I said, “I am under the fan”. She couldn’t hear the last word and said,”Under where..”? I said, “No under wear. Have to wear it”. Beeeeeeeeeeeeep. She hung up the phone.

Was on phone with one nice chubby girl, on phone I mean the phone is not big enough for me and her to be sitting or sleeping or doing whatever its just that to say I was talking with her. The conversation went on like:

Me : Hoi, what are you doing for the weekend?
Chubby girl : Oh Vizzy, am going for shopping in commercial street..(giggles)..I just loooove shopping…(giggles).
Me : Oh wow..what do you want to buy..?
Chubby girl : I want to buy some “finger rings”…!
Me : (Shocked to her answer to the core)..Really…fingerings…? :O:O:O Gurlie why go there to buy,
come to my room I will give you free.

She hung up the phone. That’s why I say, Free service never has its value in this world. Huhh..!

This one made be ROFL:
I can still remember her. A fair North Indian female and a visual treat. I was in one project discussion with her and we are discussing regarding memory leak issues. Most of the discussion went with words like messages..memory etc. Sentences like “This memory leak is always a problem for me”…”Why are we sending messages to that address of the memory”…”This is a wrong message”…”This is sucking off the memory”..”No more memory”..”Memory is full”..”memory allocation/deallocation”..”message sequencing”..”memory structure”..and whole lot of discussion. Now the irony: Her North Indian accent makes her pronounce the word “memory” as “mammary” and ‘message” as “massage”. Now read all those lines I said above replacing those two words as specified.

Now-a-days the IT field is picking up after recession, everyone sending resumes to everyone and checking on that. This extra soft acquaintance of mine called me and we started talking about IT, recession, recruitments etc. Suddenly she asked me if I have anything open for her. I said “LEGS”. Before I realized my involuntary answer, she hung up the phone saying she will drink water and then call me. Past a week I guess she is still drinking water. Huhh..

Another incident happened on the similar kind of topic on my office communicator with this innocent puffed girl.
She : Hey V, this is my sister’s resume and I am sending this only to you and want you to fwd it among your friends please.
Me : Whats that big about me..? Why don’t you do it yourself and send it to all?
She : Noooooo. Your circle is bigger than mine. You know me na, I have a very small circle. Thats why.

Trust me, I don’t know which circle she is talking about and I didn’t had guts to cross check that with her. Hard to keep quiet. Phew.

This will rip your ribs for sure. Once I was speaking about my mom’s sisters with this girl who I got to know recently. In my language mom’s sister(mausi) is called as Pinni. I was telling that my elder Pinni is the one who used to take care and baby sit me in my childhood. My younger Pinni used to teach and take care of our studies and schooling blah blah..!! Suddenly due to out of coverage area the phone got disconnected. I called her back and asked her, what was I saying. One of the shocking answers I ever heard in my life, she said, “You were telling me about your Pinnis”. I jumped in my shoes and almost had a cardiac.Grasping for my breathe I said, “What the heck, when did I start telling about parts of my body”? She hung up the phone. Lifes like that. I hate this Beeeeep beeeeeep sound.

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