Feb 162015

One of my New Year resolutions is to revive this site..and continue in Titling your naughty bone. As a part of it-Here comes my first blog for this year where I am doing little bit of a naming ceremony and you are all invited to join me hands in going through this christening function –

LOLitha – The kind of girls who uses LOL extensively on chats, FB, Twitter, WhatsApp etc absolutely for anything and everything.
Eg :

Status 1: My GrandPa..died and I miss him.. 🙁
LOLitha: RIP Grandpa..LOL 🙂
(WTF..Whats LOL in losing a GrandPa..?)

Scene 1: A beautiful sun rise picture being shared on FB
LOLitha : LOL.. 🙂
(Errr..I have no idea what LOL has to do with a Sun set..nor what is so Hilarious about Dawn)

Scene 2: Someone would have shared a nice cute picture of their kid
LOLitha : You have a nice kid ..LOL.. 😀
(This freaks me out. Unless the Kid is a hobbit or has something funny, I really don’t get it what is there to Laugh Out Loud on that..)

These LOLithas confuse me more than making me get infuriated. Is it only me who is susceptible to their dumb humor..? Probably not..LOL..(Oops..I don’t want to become a LOLith now)

scootyHORSEitha : This appreciation goes exclusively to women riders on Indian roads who ride a Scooty/Activa/Zing whichever of such kind of vehicles. But one funny thing we can observe is the way the vehicle is ridden. Most of the time I see that the legs are in splits and are left free to each of the sides dangling in air as if your are riding a horse without a saddle. This reminds me of Road Rash game where the riders can kick other riders or the police whoever is passing by for extra bonus points. Women – Please tell me, is riding the vehicle that much difficult or is it a style to ride like that..I still don’t understand. Guys next time when you see a HORSEitha just yell at her “Nice horse..Madam”..! 🙂

DUCKshitha (This is not Dhakshitha) : The name says it all. Hail all those ultra-young and modern Selfie faceaficionados no matter what, which position they are in, when anyone says pose for the camera..an involuntary awkward muscle protuberance happens with an instant pout on their lips. Whether they are undergoing labor pains..or they in middle of floods or tasting a lime..doesn’t matter. You say let’s take a snap then immediately their DUCK hormones gets activated and poof they are ready with a pout. Girls – Excuse us..if you feel it is style and makes u feel as sultry siren..you are wrong. All it makes us feel is to become the greedy farmer in the story “The Duck that lays a Golden Egg”.

isSHITha : The special clan of girls who are very much culture centric and show as if they are the incarnation of Indian values and in reality their traditional acumen will as big as a pea. Eg: You can see them wearing Indian dresses (Chudidhars, Saree) even in Minus degree temperatures when they come onsite. They give lengthy lectures if we suggest them to change. The chill will be hitting till their waist line from bottom, still they are ok not to wear jeans or any western wear and on top speak ill of those who does.

Let me get the truth-o-meter here. The reality is :

  • Most of them will be bodily-challenged to fit in such clothes
  • Will be very miserly afflicted to spend money
  • Have husband or Boyfriend who are a combo of the above two points
  • Have the exposure quotient the size of a NUTgame

These kind of girls won’t even mind to wear Saree/Ghagra Choli to play beach volley ball or a football match and elevate the traditional values as high as a punctured ball goes. Wish to put some sand into my eyes than see this..God Bless them.

SUSUmitha : Haahhaa..This name made me laugh just by its mere sound. wcThe kind of a person who is addicted to going to loo wherever they go. Unless they bless the restroom in that place, their heart won’t be in content. Doesn’t matter where they go. Be it if they get into a flight, go to a new area, go to beach, go to a carnival, friends place, shopping mall..etc. Even if they become an astronaut and go to moon, first thing to do after going there is to do..SU SU. Long live the bladder..

FACEitha : You see them everywhere and almost every day. The evidences of these kinds of species is growing huge day by day and still counting. The interesting cute bubbly type of young girls and wives who keep selfies of their faces but nothing else. Some of the DUCKshitas you find in this category. If you continue clicking their next 50 pics of theirs, it will all be just faces faces and faces. Lucky be the one who finds a full length pic of them. But 95% chances is that it will be minimum 3 years old snap. If you ask me WHY..?I also don’t know but once you see them in full then probably you may understand the reason. No comments..just be watchful.

So my dear Buddies – Next time you get to see or come across these kinds of esteemed genre, don’t forget to think of these names and have a chuckle. And do let me know in comments of any other types you can categorise accordingly. Anyways as Shakespeare once said ..All is fine on Twitter and Facebook. Nail them all. Oops..I mean, Hail them all..

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Mar 162010

The next best thing to being naked is to be in Saree.

I don’t believe in cross dressing, but this lovely garment called Saree always brings me quivers down my spine and its surrounding areas. I get so fascinated to this wonderful clothing style am sure so would you. For me a lady in Saree is more sensuous than a babe in bikini. Its always a feast to eyes and all the other rhyming words if you can think of. But one thing never makes me understand or may be I understood it beyond I am supposed to is, why is that almost all the women who wears a Saree has their hands put in a very thought provoking and provocative way…? Esp when a picture is about to be taken immediately their hands goes as if some magnet is put there. Being a guy I can understand about magnets and magnetic flux but this reflex action of women I can never understand as why.

A picture is worth 1000 words.  Check it up here :

No Entry Pic 1:

Even our so called celebrities too :

No Entry pic 2 :

The general public

No Entry Pic 3 :

So what is this No Entry pose as if show is over, gates are closed, come back tomorrow kinds..? :-O

I am sure you would have seen in any of your cousin’s, friend’s, uncle’s, auntie’s, your GFs, your ex-GF’s, your wife’s marriages when it comes to the photo shoot time, you see this No Entry pose all the times.  My Dear Ladies..I understand that its tough to carry oneself with a Saree but even when standing also you seduce we poor men like this, irrespective of your age and blame it back on us. 🙁 🙁 But we would love to get the blame and still enjoy GOD’s best creation, its all YOU beautiFULL ladies out there…! Thanks for accepting our mistakes and still love us unconditionally.

So my dear readers , I want you all have an eye to these No Entry poses from now onwards and let me know what you feel in the comment section.

Celebrating Women’s day – Everyday….love you All…!!

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Jan 072010

JAPAN – The first thing we get to mind when we hear this word is an atom bomb .that Littleboy and the Fatman you remember? next comes their technology. The third picture will be of those hardworking ppl. I will talk about those nuclear stuff and that TRICKnowledge later, but here i want to tell about one intermittent thing we hardly talk about. The Japanese food.

Today I happened to have my tongue taste something very different. Something real Japanese. Okay let me be clear, am talking regarding some root or its a plant or a root plant don’t know what but a pure veggie stuff. Sorry to disappoint you folks to use this veggie word but its true. It is called Wasabi. Despite having dexterity of eating a fish with chopsticks the funda of eating this is quiet unusual. The mere look of this scared me inside out. The whole dish is called soba. Consisting of grey colored noodles. Yeah you read it correct its GREY colored noodles. First time in my life seeing noodles of this color (heard that soba can be found with black colored noodles also. Some day I will put that pic also) and you have a small cup with some less viscosity syrup looking like fermented blood but actually made out of some seaweed, vinegar, soy and fish scales. Another small cup consists of one spade like scrapper and a 4 inch length x 1 inch diameter root with beaten sprouts all over it. That is called Wasabi. Now my excitation levels and my urge to try exotic foods shot up. The game is u got to scrape Wasabi to that scrapper and you get fine grated paste. Now take chops, mix that paste into that syrup. I remembered my chemistry lab sessions in my junior intermediate where I tried to mix H2SO4 with aqua Fortis and burnt the lab table.

I was a lil scared if some big green gaseous bubble will pop out of that potion n a voice speaks to me “TELL ME MY MASTER, WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU”. Unfortunately nothing of that sort happened. lil disappointed. Now you take that grey noodles and dip them in this syrup and slurp them in. WHOA .worth the preparation. I cant tell this is the taste I like or can call as love at first slurp but sure this is different. I expected Wasabi to taste like a pith pulp or like some Natraj plasto eraser, coz it did smell so pungent but looks tell like – hey am tasteless. This is one weird taste something like ginger mixed with Hajmola and perfumed with sweetened tincture. I swear it did taste like that. Now don’t ask me when I did taste all these b4. But this is what I felt just in case if we do. The best thing is I liked Wasabi. Sure this going to be a part of my regular delicacies from now on wards.

One more thing talking about SOBA the grey noodles, it has got high traditional values in Japan. This soba is eaten as an usher of good luck, prosperity and as a good omen. esp. when you move to a new house on new years day when you start some new venture etc, you start by eating Soba.

On the whole I enjoyed the lunch today, a typical traditional Japanese style, and awaiting what good luck this food going to bring me with all crossed fingers. No doubt these people are so healthy and have the highest life span rate in the world. Jai Jai Japan .!!!

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Jan 062010

OXYMORON – This is one among those few words which
describes Me. This script was written by me some ages back
but edited according to this day and place, and want to host this online here.

The beauty of this article lies in my idea – to write and article on
OXYMORONs, by not writing an article on OXYMORONs,
yet writing an article on OXYMORONS – got it…??

For those who dunno what an OXYMORON means:
An oxymoron (plural oxymora or, more commonly, oxymorons) (noun) is a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms (e.g. “deafening silence”) to make a point.

Now here we go
Oxymoron … Oxymoron… Oxymoron… Ever heard of them…….???????
Probably YES , probably NO … or both together. But sure this word is annoying me comfortably so as to write an article to please it hard especially on these days of my working vacations. So, in this noisy calm weather of Budapest, here I sit with a pen and a diet coke, all alone together, and thinking nothing as what to write. Though I got this site at a very late age of my young life, since then am feeling that I should become a resident alien on this home page.

With plastic glasses on my nose, I first thought of writing about some peace force of United States or on some Military Intelligence of Rwanda. But felt its truly impractical to write something on such trivial things. So I permanently changed my mind not to give in for a take on this thought.

Watching about extinct life on Discovery inventions program , these thoughts went on and on and on… while I was constantly surfing channels. I just turned aside and gazed at my transparent mirror, I found something missing within my heart soul and felt like going out for a while to relax – after all am a single bachelor in my life. Immediately I turned off the TV where a documentary film on some business ethics in political sciences was getting broadcasted. Anyway I wore my tight slack and went out, locking the door behind.

This thought still persisting in my mind once in a while, I bumped into a library which is near far from my room. There I joined a small crowd talking about temporary tax increase in those so called calm zones. Within a short time break, I realized I wont fit into those butt headed topics and went away from myself. On the move I started taping live scenes through my eye lens, so that I can use them in writing this article if any. Way back to my place, though being a teetotaler, I thought of getting drunk legally. But with held the desire. I walked past the streets the whole evening like a living dead but acting naturally. At last I came back home. I took a hot shower bath and with a synthetic cotton towel around my waist I switched on my CD player for some soft rock to listen.

I poured the strong black coffee from the cold casserole with some ice cubes chips and sugar jelly on top. Gazing at the stars, wishing I should have been in some government organization instead of doing software designing, my thoughts flew all over the empty sky reaching nowhere.

Wait a minute for sometime …let me do my exact estimation of these self proclaimed, so called advanced basic thoughts resembling like a new classic of the modern past. Terribly pleased with all my true lies, sitting with thunderous silence all around in my balcony with an old new book in hand, drinking that bitter sweet cold coffee, and silently screaming that I completed this article – with the same difference from the beginning, I gave a start to end this article.

With little bit of religious tolerance and cruel kindness, I pray GOD to excuse all those people who would call this article as a genuine imitation of intelligent stupidity, so that they wont call me a wise fool.

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