Nov 162017

“Kiss Mat…Arey Kiss Mat…kitni baar bolo..I am in Car pool..Kiss Mat yaar”..

Hearing these words and unable to control my ever curious mind..I asked her..”Boy Friend?” with a naughty smile. She turned to me and said “Oh no..she is my old school friend”. I wanted to correct my question..”Oh lesbian friend?” but didn’t dare to ask it. After a little pause and unable to resist myself..again asked her..”But you have been asking her not to Kiss you over phone. These days its all fine, whats there..” I said. Then she replied, “Its my FATE..KISMAT. Not asking her not to Kiss me”. BINGO..Huhh..Few things I can never learn. For Eg : My Proficiency in Hindi. ( Read my old blog : Romancing With Hindi )

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa….This is how my Carpooling experiences goes on by each day. Kismat Konnection indeed.

As I believe in doing Eco friendly things like Conserving water, Recycling, Say no to plastic, Bring your own girl, Nudism etc, Carpooling is one among those initiatives I have been doing off late. Let me share some of my interesting encounters from my recent past.

Being a courteous guy, I casually wished “Hey..Howz the day” to the girl who just popped into my car. She replied “How do you know that I am on my period dates”..? Startled to her answer, I went calm unable to know what to reply, I said “Hmmm..I just asked you, How is your DAY”. Realizing her mistake she said, “My Bad..Am sorry”. Noticing she isn’t married, I said “No No..infact its good. If you have missed one then you should feel sorry..not for this. Its ok. Chill”. Anyways looking at her décolleté, I am sure she should be carrying things safe. 😀

Once a very cute traditionally looking girl got into the back seat. To ease the journey I generally initiate pep talk with the riders. To break the ice, I asked her where is she from? She said she hails from Punjab..Mughul dynasty and she said some story as how her ancestors were related to the Mughuls blah blah. Then I cracked a joke on Mughuls. She laughed loud. God Damnnn..she laughed as if she was moaning than laughing. Its more like a reverse laugh. Instead of Ha Haa Haa she went on like Ah Ahh Ahh. Immediately I said Shhhh..shhhh.. calm down are sounding as if you are..err ahemm..!! For that she laughed still louder and the whole car was shuddering with her euphoric laugh. If her laugh itself is like this..I wonder how her..pheww..never mind. One laugh lead to another and she moaned a lot that day. I guess that evening my car got its Tantric ablution from inside.
Mughul-e-Orgasm I say. 😛

This happened recently. Two girls who got in, said they are each other’s best friends and they are inseparable..they do everything together..share clothes..same work place etc. They said we are each other’s shoulders, blood, body, soul and fingers. FINGERS..?? :O I was petrified with the burst of thoughts that exploded in my brain. Without any delay I said – Fingers..? Wow..How..? One of them said..”Yes..recently I broke my hand and she used to feed me”. The other one continued, “Oh yeah she is my Bestie..she helps me every time I break off from my BF”. OOOHHHKAYY now I get the whole scenario. Its KFC. Awwwwww…How cute. Isn’t that what life is all about? Making each other happy ? I rest my case here. _/\_

This arTICKLE wont be complete if I don’t tell this incident. One day this super gorgeous girl got into the car. Before I asked her where she will be getting down, she said “Uncle, which way will you be going”? U N C L E…?? Seriously..? Did she call me UNCLE..? WTFrock..? It reverberated in my MIND and I almost about to crash to the nearby divider.  Controlling my emotional turbulence, I said “Yes..same route as I ride you…I mean as per your ride”. Then she was on phone speaking in English pronouncing words like ask as aks, risk as riks, pepsi as pespi, school as ksool etc. Myself being a science student realized – Light travels faster than sound. Then at the end when I was about to halt..she said “Uncle..Swalpa dhoor jaake, stop maadi”. Damnnnn she misked..oops, I mean mixed 3 languages in one line. Whoaaav…No doubt Beauty is tongue deep.

Like these, many interesting things that keeps happening during Car pooling. No matter what Drive safe & Stay protected. Share your experiences in the comments. Please Like, Comment and Share.
Part 2 coming soon..Car Pooling with Guys. Watch this space. 😀

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