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This blogs goes spiraling back into my childhood days when all I keep thinking was about how life on this planet did have a start. This thought made me to past forward my learning from the Biology classes that life started from a single celled organism. God only knows how that is possible. May be the word “Buffet and Self service” was coined considering this act. Keeping the “Big Bang theory” aside from one of my previous posts, despite getting kinky thoughts on this word, this curiosity regarding life started increasing as things started growing UP.

Due to this inquisitiveness, I started reading lot of books and watched channels like animal planet and NGC. Being a curious child, my brain started becoming a laboratory for virtual prototypes. I even made a Daddy Horse and Mummy Rhino and their baby Unicorn. I even took the three models to my origami class. My teacher asked me where I got this idea and I said Animal Planet. She asked me to watch more of cartoon network. That day I watched Ariel on cartoon network. I started thinking who Ariel’s mummy is.  Right from childhood I was always considerate to mummies and my neighborhood aunties. One of the plausible reasons might be due to me spending more time in their laps than in my huggie naps. Thanks to my Mom for she giving me away to all our neighbors to retain her peace of mind. So out of this consideration, in my next class I asked how do mummy mermaids make babies? She said about the stork bringing the babies and regarding the daddy part she skipped it. I was happy for the answer at least some one is making babies somewhere and should be more of a cottage industry I felt.

Throughout my schooling I always had tough time understanding the reality of life. Once my teacher was teaching about hybrid plants and how strong they are to sustain drought and extreme weather conditions. She gave an example of a mule too. I was so fascinated by the story and I once again made my own Mule family. Daddy Mule, Mummy Mule and Baby Mule with clay and took them to my class. My teacher tried to explain the major design flaw of hybrids but failed to convince me. Later I realized the inevitable that they can’t make babies. Sad but true. There after I was sent out of the class many times for my curious questions which has become a routine for me in every Biology and moral science class subsequently.

Later, the time has come that my Dad came to me and tried to initiate talk regarding Birds and Bees. That was the most entertaining talk I ever had with my Dad. Birds and Bees…I thought more like an orgy. Then I added one more to my interest list to see how a bird can make it out with a bee. Beaks Vs Stings which would win..damn the though itself felt so gay so dropped the thought over all. As the disappointment ruminating in my mind, the time has come for me to join the college. When we are searching for which college I should join I came across, one college that said “B.R.A Open University”. The whole of my childhood questions just befell and thought if I have to study in any college this is it. Felt I just discovered stair case to heaven. To my dismay I later learn that it is “Bheem Rao Ambedkar Open University” for vocational courses. The stair case crumbled altogether. Now as I got married and undergoing the nuptial bliss, the importance of all my learning made me realize just one thing. As Darwin said..Natural selection is the key for all Life to happen, that leads to spermutations and combinations. So going back to my initial learning, whether life would have started from a single celled organism or not…but sure the trails would have got started from a single cell’s orgasm. God Bless us All..Amen..Ahh Women..!!

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