Apr 102011

Disclaimer : I hate giving disclaimers but this one sure needs one. Don’t take me as judgmental but want to bring some of my observations that has left me with no reasonable answer as WHY..Yes of course regarding my most favorite race of people called WOMEN.


The very nature of girls is so fascinating that made me to have an extra pair of eyes for anything they do and be. Out of this fascination comes some frustration leaving me clueless for the things they tell and do at times.

There was this well educated girl, a university topper of her college and an accomplished career. Once I was talking with her and the conversation went like this:
She : Tomorrow is my interview I am tensed.
MeΒ  : Thats normal we all undergo that so how did you prepare?
She : I prepared well but I want my friends Kittu and Viggu help me for this. They always help me whenever I am low and need help. They are always with me. Am so close to them. They love me so much. My bestest friends, they are sooooo chweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Muah muah muah to them.

Me knowing all her friends list was at confuse as how come I missed these two. I ran through my memory if I missed these two people. I even went along the pet list she once said to me if any animal is intelligent enough to help her in her interview but in vain. Feeling bad about my memory power I asked how come you didn’t tell me about them. She said oh come on as if you dunno them..every one knows them and she hung up the phone. I didn’t get sleep that day and checked her Facebook, Orkut and every where possible if I missed any of her gang of friends. Next day unable to bear the curiosity I called her and asked who are they? She said Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha. Gwadddddddd….dont ask me how I felt to hear this.

This below one is the most unexplainable thing in my entire career of being in IT industry.
Some one please explain me this:
Almost all the Southie girls have this extreme addiction to back strap sandals. Whether you are in Saree, Chudidhar, Jeans(With altered length below, of course), Ghagra choli, Bikini or a Lingerie they would be wearing this exclusive belt sandals on their feet. One pair goes with everything. Why God Why this torture? Is it that we people don’t know that there are 1000s of varieties of sandals or are we poor or we don’t care or its just creature comfort?

Guys I bet, from now onwards in your office or in any shopping malls or cinema theaters just have a look at the feet of girls and 80% you will see them in this Belt sandals made from Bata or Lotto or some local brand. If you don’t see that call that day as your lucky day.

This is another insulting thing to all those developers and architects around the world who brought the state of art of telephony to the stage we are in. This foolish act again can be seen with many of the people in IT industry. Girls especially. She would be having some Blackberry or some latest Touch screen gadget and its the way of speaking that makes my brain become a camphor and get burnt in seconds. They hold the phone in their hand as if you are holding a Walkie Talkie and speak into the mouth piece. Immediately they move the hand to their ear to hear what the other person is saying. This ‘reverse C-section’ movement continues all through till the call ends. Why cant we have a simple understanding that these devices are so advanced that they can catch the voice signals even if your face is as big as a pumpkin. God gimme a break..!!

Some more collection of impromptu lines I heard from this set of people :

1) This was on an internal chat messenger :
She : U open the zip n wait 4 me I ‘ b thr in a sex..
She : oops sec*, X and C are side by side…chorry.. πŸ™‚
( She wants me to unzip some file and wait for her)
( After few secs…Damn..here comes the libido kicker..)
She : Hold on..I’m cumming..
( There I was like a Jack ass sitting with my legs crossed waiting for her.. )

2) Was speaking to this innocent cutie and asked, what her hobbies are?
She said TV TV TV TV. I just love TV. I see anything that comes on TV. TV is my best friend and I cant survive without TV. She said all about TV so much I though she should get married to some TV and she makes love to that and make portable TVs that eventually grow up into some 3D HD plasma TVs..! She asked me do I watch TV. I said yes to watch F1. She asked what is F1. I said Formula 1. She asked me if it comes in Star plus or Zee TV..?? I was like …^*^#*&$*#%*&$(&;…!! F1 F1 F1 F1…helppppppppppppp…….!!

3) She is from TamilNadu and said she doesn’t drink Coffee coz that makes her become dark and brown. ( Now I know why I am so brown..!! Phew..!! )

4) Some weekend another intelligent girl has washed her clothes and put them for drying. And it rained that day night. Next day at lunch she was telling, “My panties still wet, dunno what to do ya..”..Before I jumped to say I can be of much help to her, I just realized that the word panties is in fact two words “pant is”.

5) On the similar lines to the above point, there was this another ritual we used to follow in my previous company. Everyday we write some proverb as ‘Thought for the day’. That day this girl form Delhi wrote as “Pen is mightier than a sword”. Because of spacing problem between the first two words, that proverb meaning indeed made a real thought for THAT day..! Lol..! πŸ˜‰

What so ever the deeds and being these girls are, its for this nature we should adore them and thank each one of them for their perennial entertainment they have been giving. Hail them..!

Please share and give me your thoughts in the comments section… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  20 Responses to “Why GOD..Why”

  1. Annai……..me n raag were cleaning the entire house yesterday……i had been sneezing all through the dusty night (which i felt coz of allergy) and developed lot of pain in the abdomen and uterus (besides your niece or nephew kicking too)…..with great difficulty i slept in the wee hrs………..this mrng, reading this art-tickle…….i laughed laughed and laughed till the pain reoccured πŸ™‚

  2. Chala bagundi V…..

    Baga navvu vachindi,, Waiting for some more like these….

  3. Being a Gal, I can not bear this… im sooo red right now…you abused more vizard πŸ™
    But after a minute I realize facts are facts, no one can change them, I saw a gal of same kind in my train ( I live in California), she travels to San Fransisco city, with strapped sandals, kurti and jeans” its winter dear ” I wanted to say, but … The peculiar way of talking in phone is amazing, I tried personally once, couldn’t get it, I miss the conversation, I am not a rapid star rather use head phones.. thats what I felt. Finally , I think we should also think and talk about the motivators behind these scenic people !!!

    • Thanks Sowjanya, these kind of people are everywhere..!! Cant help them..than just say thanks for entertaining us..!!

  4. Kittu ante naa gurinchi kadu kadha? πŸ™‚

  5. welcome back

  6. Ohk, im like a stranger and one of my friends thought id find this blog entertaining, I DID AWRIGHT!, 1st things first i gottu ask….u single? well dont let your hormones n your pride get u…ba i have a strong feeling that if u are, well sowy boss u gottu get used to being that way till your parents might wanna do something about it….
    Having said that……stop generalizing trash to “all women”, infact i have a title for you, “women with IQ as high as mine”. well now that wouldnt have caused any damage, n i wudnt have been wasting my time right now…
    N wez congos for managing to entertain so many ppl… at the risk of being hated by em all.

    • Hi Nithya…I can guess who you are but thats out of scope of this discussion. Just a small request, you need to re-read the article once again. I never ever generalize nor I will do. Thanks once again for stopping by and venting out your anguish. Cheers πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. phew!
    dnt generalise to all the gals..its oly a few dud heads who r like this..
    i see a lot of such gals evryday in coll..sply the phone thingy..vry true..n i donno if they can hear each other talk..they dnt evn murmur ..its worse than that!n ppl talk for hours together..dunno h do they manage though!
    u knw,the gal givs a misd cal n the guy rings up(hw jobless shud he also b) n then the drama starts”entra bujji,busy ga unnava?disturb chesana?telsa ivval nenu padi sarlu tummanu,moodu sarlu dagganu..blah blah blah..”
    bhaa..torture oly if i dnt cary my Mp3 player in the bus.
    one more category of gals truly bommarillu types..edo art cinema heroine feelings..so squeaky n sily n stupid..atTENSION seekers!it wud b the mileniums silliest joke eva..but these ppl roll on the floor for such jokes..bhaa..feel lik yellin @ them “Dude!get a lyf x(” theres one thing which irritates me,these bommarilu gals oly saying,”naku chocies ante chaaaala ishtam.vati kosam emaina chestha”
    seriously??gimme a break..its jus a Chocolate!
    i can actualy write a blog as siri said..
    sry..its a vry loong comment!

    n V!
    nice observations..gud post πŸ™‚

    • // entra bujji,busy ga unnava?disturb chesana?telsa ivval nenu padi sarlu tummanu,moodu sarlu dagganu..blah blah blah..” //

      hahahaha .. too good Manasa … very rare to find girls like u with such rational and sensible mindset amidst chockies and bommarillu kind of girls …Keep it up …

      @ Vineel … College rojullo Rambha , Vurvashi , Menaka munnagu shrungara saparivara patrikala chanda daruniga , oka buthu sahitya priyuniga , srinatha chaudappa kavi sarvabhaumula abhimaniga , kontethanam musuguna shrungaram , adupu tappina Asleelatha ni mikkili makkuvaga anandinche vadiga , nee post ni niradakshinyamga enjoy chesanu … . sandle episode ni inkastha lagalsindhi , I felt there cld be lot of scope to extract humor out of ths episode .. Pen,Pant episodes are ruthlessly humorous πŸ˜‰

      kaka pothe chinna disappointment πŸ™ …Anedi anesi disclaimer pettadame nachchala .. ninda munigaka chalenduku , galla lungenduku annattu … appati varaku examples tho cheelchi chendadi ventane Perennial entertainers anadam venakala chamatkaram artham ayina favorite race ani , hail them ani saati purusha ahankaram meeda neellu jalli , tattedu matti kottav brother .. khandistunna … ila complete theme&spirit ni contradict chese statements raasi mana saati purusha rakshasanandanni harinche hakku neekevarichcharu ??? nee lanti maverick & contraversial writers kuda ila MODESTY pradarsisthe maa lanti vallaki spurthi ekkadi nundi vastundhi brother ?????

      • brather…this is the comment i was waiting for. ur comment completes my arTICKLE..!! this is my gift for your anniversary. i will take care not to disappoint ya next time..! that sandals episode..thought to write one separate ARTicle with snaps..and hope i succeed to hv a sequel to just that..!

  8. Great to read about the things happening round…oops..aROUND…Perennial entertainment is the best usage πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ and..the way this reverse c-section action goes on..god really irritating as if she is an under cover agent…

    and the best one to talk about is mentioning God’s names as their friends…with nicknames..that really takes me to the peaks of irritation…I was punching the table saying yes yes yess while reading that in your article….

    kudos vineel..nice one…..need more and more and more…keep rocking!!

  9. Heya…!!
    hehe… πŸ˜‰
    me being a woman, dunno how should I respond but, lemme go with the facts… πŸ˜‰
    yeah…!! even I encountered many such.. πŸ˜‰ from guys also…

    there’s one gujju who apparently couldn”t pronounce the sound of ”a” (as in stamp)
    in one of our discussions, he said ‘LAKE of technology’ while we went to cAnteen for SNAKES.
    he meant, lack of technology when we went to cafeteria for snacks… πŸ˜‰
    so funny ya..!!
    I better write another blog instead of a comment here.. πŸ™‚
    hilarious. had fun reading your blog… πŸ™‚
    but want mmmooree… (pepsi)

  10. My fav in the order of priority:
    U open the zip n wait 4 me I β€˜ b thr in a sex..
    Transition from panties -> pant ‘is’….lol

    hero….nee S-educ-a-tion blogs needs 2 b part of class X curriculum:-)

  11. I was badly missing ur Posts bhai…

    enti nee kala posana thaggi pothundhaaa, leka ma kala bipasa retire aypoindha ani anumanalu ochesinayeee…

    • crishna..nothing got downsized..!! will try to keep the entertainment flowing and the momentum swinging…!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  12. got to see ur blog.. afteer a looooooooooong timee…..

    HAhahahhaa….. brotherr… u made me laugh again… πŸ˜‰

    tamil girl coffee tagadam gurinchi super asaluu…. experiencing that in person here… πŸ˜›

    and the way u said abt reverse-C…. dats apt… πŸ˜‰

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