Mar 052010

Hey all you naughty people out there. Regrets..! Been little out of this site. The reason is that my hands and fingers were busy doing lot other things these days. Hope you can understand. Anyway here I am with another series of my experiences and thoughts to share with you all. If you are a girl let me rib tickle you and if you are anything apart from a female please help yourself.

Past couple of years I have become Don Juan. Roaming around the bust area of this planet called Earth. Areas around Tropic of Cancer I mean. Wish to go down South soon. Crossed fingers and open legs lets see. Aaachoooo….press me. Oops Bless Me. In these roamings, I had some interesting in-flight experiences regarding which am going to share one of my classified acts.

Place :  Inside UAE flight. Flying from JFK  –> DUBAI.
If there is anything nearly as beautiful as a Middle Eastern lady, its nothing but another Middle Eastern lady. Having a hard corner for these Middle Eastern women I got my ticket booked exclusively in UAE flight. 30 minutes after the flight took off I also felt like to take off my pants and sit naked. Just for the reason to show everyone that I am happy and excited to travel UAE airlines. When I was dreaming like this, one creamish air-hostess who would be the best pick for Milkmaid ad campaign for all obvious reasons, came near me. She bent over and about to ask me something. Before she said anything I said “Yes, take me in”. She looked puzzled and started taking me by her hands and said follow me. I wantedly stumbled and fell on her flat and the pose was enough to make all my male co-passengers go green, not coz the position was quiet nature oriented, but with you know… out of sheer jealousy. Perfect Kodak moment on the aisle. We both together looked like Black forest pastry. Brown on top of White cream. We got up and she has hurt her finger while falling down. I remembered when I was a kid what we used to do when anyone’s finger gets hurt. Just take it in your mouth and suck it. I immediately did the same. The air-hostess turned pink and gave a slight moan. My excitation reached peak. Then she said, Baby… get off my foot its paining. I realized the moan is coz of my stamp not of my suck. Oops… what the Duck. She had me close to her and made me sit in the front row so that I would be in her visual contact.

Don’t know why she showed extra attention on me… but I started enjoying the special attention. She asked me what do I want…Coffee or Tea. I asked for Milk. She fed me with a different container regarding which I don’t want to talk about it here. She started speaking as if she is speaking with some parrot or a pet dog. I started replying in the same tempo to keep the flow. She kept hugging me frequently. Every time she hugged me I felt am turning into a stone man. In this care taking of me, she said that the flight is hers. So I asked her if I see her cock-pit. She blushed and said nope. I understood why she said nope probably of security reasons, but I still didn’t get why she blushed. Hours literally flew by and I became her most favorite in that 14 hour journey. We even played many role playing games like mummy-daddy game, doctor-nurse game in her cabin. She was giggling the whole of the role playing. May be she liked the games. She even gave me a massage. She so soft n nice, except that she made a remark saying, “You look too big to your age, I like it”. I was upset little bit, coz people say I look young to my age but she said the reverse of it. Never mind, I was happy for her private sessions so why bother.

Now flight landed in DUBAI, and everyone was walking to the entrance. My air-hostess friend asked me to stay seated till everyone evacuates the flight. She went near the door and with all that blush, started greeting each and every passenger, “Thanks for flying Emirates, hope you enjoyed flying Emirates”. At that time there was this Arab lady with one funny looking Orangutan kind of kid in her hands, fuming and shouting. The discussion went like this:

Arab lady: I want to complaint to the UAE authorities. ..@@*&^%)*^&()*^$%^&$^%$…
My Air-hostess friend: Why madam, what happened? How can I help you?
Arab lady: I belong to the Arab Emirates royalty. Took special permission and paid extra for my mentally challenged kid to be taken care and pampered. Did you get any intimation? I am going to sue UAE.
My Air-hostess friend: I am sorry madam, what is your seat number?
Arab lady: 86D

My Air-hostess friend turned towards me and asked for my seat number with a confused face.
I shouted back 36D.

That time only she and I realized that 8 and 3 look almost the same on a print text. She thought I am that retard kid. Didn’t expect that retards can have this much FUN in life. God Bless them.  Them I mean the Air-hostesses.

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  24 Responses to “HIGH on FLY”

  1. haha “orangutan,retard look” well said V 😀 by the way i was so dying to reach the twist 😉 … and there u are with a wonderful one … but i wonder anywhere n everywhere u have this naughty mind always On eh :P… Kudos!

  2. hey cool dude… nice twist… anyways.. did u play again

  3. Wot was her reaction after that??

  4. Hey Dude… wonderful narration.. From where in this world you get time to write all these stuff.. Staying single is reason for this I guess.. Enjoy the life man.. Marraige life really sucks….

    • Hey Loga…thanks for ur comment. Its not actually staying SINgle but keeping my mind DOUBLE makes me get these ideas and squeeze myself to write these stuff. Stay connected and get entertained.

  5. hehe..nice V..twist in the tale was mast..retarded kid anta..hehehe..=))
    carried the essence well till the last..
    keep goin..waitin 4 the next post..:)

  6. today only read all ur posts for the first time… 🙂
    all impressively written…

    Good Workkkk !!!

  7. nice naration i guessed there was sumthin fishy the moment u said she was engaging u wid games 😛

  8. memorable experience ( if real ) ! sometimes unwilling things are unwittingly acceptable. lovable narration ! enjoyed a lot !

  9. Wow…way to start an end…impressive comic flair…!!! (Let the writer in) u soar as high as it can…:)…

  10. Vizard – The Retard 🙂 hehehe

  11. acho beta…!!
    come lets play some more games and more will be coming for us, i mean, tickling posts…!! 🙂

    you lucky brat… without being MR, had alll fun..!! 🙂

    MR-mentally retarded…

  12. My naughty bone has almost got fractured after reading your post … I wish you a happy retarded life every time you fly 😉 … I thought you will be narrating the ” Socks pulling saga in the bus ” when i first saw the Title ” High on Fly ” 😉 …..

  13. OMG seat number 36D ??? ohahaha vinnie naughtiness at the peak level..amazing desxription abt the woman…this is jus fantastic….hope this happens to me too 😛 😛 expecting more to come!!

  14. What an ending…….hilarious….i think u are specially chosen by GOD.. BE A PERFECT WEIRDO ….wish i cud type my laughter….the picturesque effect to ur narration was awesome….by far the best one……..mazaa aa gaya….cant stop laughing…..


  15. sounds interesting … but fingers crossed!!

  16. God Bless The Air hostess

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