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Prologue: After reading this post, your bike riding or your on road experience will never be the same again. I bet this post of mine will totally change the way you look at people and sure to bring lot of fun and naughtiness as well as ignite new ideas and make your journey less tiring and more entertaining. Requesting you all to visualize when you are reading this to get the best out of this post.

Being a single bachelor and an avid biker, I have inculcated this flair of entertaining myself in all the possible walks of my life. In this self-entertaining business, one thing which always fascinates me when I am riding a bike lies in observing the female pillion riders. Through these observations let me pick the top 7 entertaining pillion rider positions.
FYI: I used this term “Pillion rider” many a times, meaning the person who is seated on the back seat of the bike while riding.

1) The caterpillar girl: This is the most commonly found pillion rider who resembles a giant spring totally covered with flashy socks. The multiple spring like folds she has on her sides covered in a gaudy top always makes her look like a caterpillar on steroids from behind. May be these girls need this much in built suspension to sustain the bumpy Indian roads. Good for them. Next time you see a caterpillar girl please don’t spray pesticide on her. They are harmless.

2) Face off fellies: This category consists of busty females who sit to one side on the bike with crossed legs. This is quiet an acceptable position. But the spice is that they hold their top leg knee with both the hands embossing their bosom as if their want to seduce each and every on lookers. Phew. Having a major
soft corner for such females this is enough to get my adrenalin give me a kick and in this situation do we really care how her face is? No way. That’s why I call such females as Face off fellies. Long live these kinds.

3) Space bar girls: This is the saddest of all the categories. This funny seating happens when the girl sitting behind is not close to the diver or may be just a hi-bye friend or using the guy for her purpose. Coz of this, she sits as far as possible almost on back handle bar holding the farthest part of the bike may be the number plate if she could, making the driver feel he is suffering from some deadly contagious disease or may be they believe that touching a guy can cause pregnancy. There will be so much space in between them, where you can fit in one rolled Kurl-On mattress easily. Huhh…!!

4) Coin boxes: This section of riders are much prevalent in the colleges infested areas and sure a feast to eyes. These kinds of girls are ultra modern with care-free attitude. So are their dressings. They would generally be sporting a low waist jeans and sit in a piggy back position, in such a way that you can actually
see their butt cleavage. Being a pious guy it resembles me of a HUNDI and feel like putting a coin or two inside that at the next red signal and make a wish. Color color what color…shhh gup chup.

5) High Definition HD: Sorry guys I am revealing your secret here. And girls I want you to be aware of this thing guys tend to do. Guys when riding bikes at night times, whenever they encounter a nice lady pillion in front of them, involuntarily their bike head light switches to high beam revealing lot many things about that girl as if you are seeing in HD screen. If you are good at mathematics esp geometry, now you do the calculations, pattern recognitions and color codes. Girls beware and be-aware of such pranks. The good news is that times are changing. I noticed girls doing this to guys too. The balance is done. All is fair in love and bike riding.

6)SIN-derellas: This section of girls are generally termed as ‘The Babes’. They are so bold and attention seeking. They are usually found hugging their guys so tight, any more squeeze they would infact come from his front side. They are so crazy, given a chance they would definitely make sex on the bike itself. All you have to do is ride the bike and rest of the riding they would do. This is what I pray when I put the coin into that Coin box category girl’s, that every guy should get at least one SINderella in his life. He will learn and grow up in life. Everybody loves learning. Don’t we?

7)Tulsi Bhabhi : Do you remember this lead female by name TULSI in this never ending saga ” Kyun ki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” serial? She is the kind of a person every traditional Indian female wants to be like her and every Indian male wants to screw her just out of curiosity how she would be in bed. Ditto to this mind set this category consists of females looking like Tulsi Bhabhi riding the back seat, so innocent and so naive. She always has her hand placed on the front upper thigh of her guy slightly on the right side of his crotch. Any jerk or bump will make her press that part for extra grip. God damn..I wonder how can anyone ride a bike normal with a lady’s hand there. If my girl does that to me sure I will have a spare bike in my Bedroom.

So folks, apart from these 7 categories, the rest of the people are just void and there is nothing much one should consider regarding them. Rest is up to your imagination and am sure you would start seeing things from this enhanced eye and get your naughty bone tickled.

Above all whether it is a bike or anything else, you better Drive safe and always wear a HELMET.

Please share if any of your bone got TICKLED
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  26 Responses to “Back is Beautiful”

  1. Hey thi is really cool man…

    When i am reading in office…i am not able to stop my laugh…and suddenly my boss saw me and asked me about it…..hmm actually i have forwarded the link…after some time we had a department meeting where my boss asked me how many coins that i dropped 🙂

    • Hey Hari..thanks for ur comment. Appreciating your Boss’ sense of humor. Ask him for some change next time.

  2. well, you missed some very interesting types, maybe not so usual, but attracts all Indian male’s attention for sure 😉 so, one is the tourist taken right from the train station with all her belongings, and of course here its not a big deal to handle the situation with a single motorbike or even a scooter, however the bag is probably higher and for sure heavier, than the girl itself… 🙂 so the picture is like that: from behind u can notice a huge rucksack poising at the edge of the bike and two slim, white legs trembling below it on the two sides of the bike. then from the side u can discover the exhausted pale face and the cramped white arms trying to grasp at anything to balance the extreme weight behind… dreaming about some nice relaxation after the tiring journey…
    and than, there is the luggageless tourist frightened to death sitting on this small, light kind of vehicle in the middle of the Indian see of traffic… can u imagine the power of that hug? Thats a special kind of SIN-derella completed with some extra desire for special care and safeguard.
    Well, I have produced both of these backpack and clinging types already.. have u ever experienced something like that? 😉

  3. Wooooooooooooooh [:)]

    As much as I have enjoyed this insight, man its time that you spill more beans on drivers..

  4. As usual i enjoyed this posting…and apart from appreciating you,i would like to ask a doubt.,rather i should say that i need a clarification.,

    What is the basic difference between Riding and Driving..??

    • when i was writing this post i was thinking if anyone can bring up this topic. here u r. riding is when u r on top of something, holding the handle and have the thing between ur legs. it is riding. thats why we say horse riding, bike riding etc. but when you are behind something and have a control of it like behind the wheel of a car, it is called driving. now u shud get a thought. wat abt auto it has a handle as well as we sit inside. but still u shud rem what driving means. u r controlling and nothing btw legs and u r not on top. so its obviously driving. hope this cleared ur doubt. 🙂


  5. hey
    all fun for boys huh???
    memu em kaavali???
    vizard ki poti ga nenu kooda oka blog create chesi abbaila gurunchi raasthaa ;)…
    one thing i observed is …now a days i find many COIN boxes in guys tooo 😛 :D…really…

  6. hey viz….wht an awesome observation…it wud change a whole mindset nxt time i c a coupla
    of the species u categorised….
    The coin box is an all time fav n in this part of the country we call it “ABCD” that is “Are Baby Chaddi Dikhti”…so all is well as far as such visual delights serve the purpose….

    I will b eagerly awaiting for many more rib ticklers….keep it up dude….

  7. nice way of presentation Vineel , i njoyed a lot . I wish I could also put a coin in coin box and wish for a sin-drella hahahaha

  8. Vizard,

    Am laughing at the lines you have written ….. Simply the best blog read by me from you! Go on ……I am waiting 🙂
    hahahahahaha “Any jerk or bump will make her press that part for extra grip” this line is really very creative … hat’s off 😉

  9. omg!!!man..u guys na..
    i guess u were some chemist or smtin in ur past life..
    high observation skills…
    n all those saptapadis(i mean the apparently impotent n innocent guys){the hero in the movie saptapadi does nothing except worshipping his wife on their first night..so i call al such daddus as saptapadis)
    jus give a luk at this man’s posts..no wonder u ll turn out 2 b a N D Tiwari..
    lol..jus kidding..
    its a ur mark post V!
    waiting to read more n more…

    • oohahaa…manasa…i enjoy reading ur comments same way as u enjoy me. i mean my posts.
      it was in 2007 i guess i saw basic instinct 2 and saptapadhi back to back same day. both hv one thing in common.
      one has to be confident about their sexuality. if not…u end up idoliSING ur wify that too on your first night and
      when you dont drive a thing..someone else sure will. am in learning stage…of entertaining people through my
      writings this time. stay hooked and yep will sure excel your expectations.

  10. Drive safe and always wear a HELMET 😀 ohahahahaha OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    were would ur gal fall in 😛

    Let me know 😀 *wink*

  11. ohahahah and again!!! i gained a lott on reading this…now i start implementing this on my bicycle 😛 can be ridden for more time!! hahahah coin box comparison is the ultimate one… up to putting a coin in HUNDI its ok..and sarcasm at the peak level when u used the sentence “MAKE A WISH”…ohahahahaha i would surely enquire in showroom before purchasing a bike about what kind of PILLION RIDER is recommended for that one!!

  12. oh my gosh! am laughing my lung out here 🙂 never knew FPR’s are noticed this manner by the naughty men…. Wonder now! where do i classify myself…. lol… good job V … i bet u have a good observation power 😉

  13. i think i will njoy much after this visit……………..thnk u bro

  14. oohahaa…!! Vineel, it is so very natural, we observe lot many things, on roads too… the way those pillion riders are classified, poor females…!! always, being attacked by ya.. oohahaha…!!
    I could literally remember an example of each of the kind and had to laugh like crazy…!! hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa…
    The narration was tooooo good…!! i wish the other set of pillion riders, who were termed as void, could have been something more…!! kikk kikk…:)

      They can never be poor. Its we Men who are poor. You are the masters. You can manipulate us like anything.
      And we love it.

  15. anyways
    the info is very useful so that ppl can be well prepared
    U researched well

  16. i would prefer to go on with all the kinds of girls atleast once…,
    i was with a space bar girl and a tulsi bhabi girl till now
    no coin boxes yet
    and no sin-drella anyways

  17. I’m thinking SIN-derella and Coin Box type for myself. I’ve been space bar girl few times..
    I love your observation and your creative way of venting it out..

    keep them coming bud..

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